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    Enjoy the Great Outdoors!

    Photos by Wilderness Ranger Jeff Duneman, Sequoia National Forest.

    Before heading into wilderness, take plenty of time to plan your trip thoroughly by visiting

    Planning is the most important first step to ensure the best wilderness experience possible.

    At, you'll find great resources on what you need to know and how to plan your wilderness trip into the Sierra Nevada backcountry.

    Also visit in your planning efforts.

    Planning includes calling the district office of the wilderness and contacting a wilderness ranger or the wilderness manager to receive the most up-to-date and detailed information.

    Hume Lake Ranger District

    (559) 338-2251

    Kern River Ranger District

    (760) 379-5646

    Western Divide Ranger District

    (559) 539-2607

    The Sequoia National Forest has six designated wildernesses. For information regarding current conditions and regulations about a wilderness on the Sequoia National Forest, click on a link below: