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    Information from Wilderness Connect

    For more information call the Kern River Ranger District at 760-376-3281.

    Kiavah Wilderness is located in Kern County on the Sequoia National Forest, with portions on the Bureau of Land Management. It is approximately 15 miles east of Lake Isabella and 15 miles west of Ridgecrest.

    Here in the transition zone between the Sierra Nevada and the Mojave Desert, you'll find an unusual mix of plants and animals: creosote bush, Joshua tree, burro bush, and shadscale growing near pinion pine, juniper, canyon oak, and gray pine; yellow-eared pocket mice and lizards watching the skies for raptors.

    Trails enter from all sides, often fading into the terrain.

    The Pacific Crest Trail enters on the northeast from Walker Pass and crosses the area for 16 miles, exiting over Bird Spring Pass to the south.

    Four-wheel-drive roads forge into the area on non-Wilderness intrusions from the east up Horse Canyon and Cow Heaven Canyon, both accessible from State Highway 14.

    You should be able to find water in numerous springs. However, due to the arid environment and dry conditions be sure to carry plenty of water. Potable drinking water may not be available year round. Visitors should not drink from creeks and springs without properly treating the water.

    Recommended treatment is to bring clear water to a rolling boil for 5 minutes or use a filter/purifying system that eliminates giardia and waterborne bacteria.

    This wilderness stretches from Walker Pass to Bird Spring Pass. Minimize impacts by camping at least 100 feet back from streams and trails. Pack out what you pack in.

    Bury body waste 6 inches deep and 200 feet from any water source or camp. Keep fires small and leave DEAD OUT by mixing ashes with water and stirring - do not use dirt.

    Remember to obtain a campfire permit. Please call a Forest Service office for current conditions, information and regulations.