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  • Giant Sequoia National Monument

    The rich and varied landscape of the Giant Sequoia National Monument holds a diverse array of scientific and historic resources.

    Within the boundaries of this monument and protected under Forest Service management are magnificent groves of towering giant sequoias, mountain meadows, limestone caverns, bold granitic domes and spires, plunging gorges, a diverse array of plants and animals, and archaeological sites.

    The monument is divided in two sections.

    The northern portion is in the Hume Lake Ranger District, with vehicle access to the national parks.

    The southern portion is in the Western Divide Ranger District.

    (Note that regulations differ between the park, the monument, and the forest in various ways, such as traveling in wilderness or with a pet, camping, building a campfire, riding a bike, hunting, fishing, riding an off-highway vehicle, or collecting a forest product, such as pine cones.)